This is a list of the FAMILY HISTORIES found in the Marshall County Historical Society’s Research Library on the Family History shelves.  For more information about the publication contact the Historical Society at  Most of these are self-published; they may be hard-bound, soft-bound or not bound at all.  Some contain sources, others are do not.  There are similar short family histories in our vertical files that are not included here.  Visit the Research Library to discover these for yourself. 


Alderfers of America : History and Genealogy / Helen Alderfer Stanley, printed by Schlecters, 1972

Alspach Family : 1738 – 1967 / Clifford F. Alspach, 1967


Anderson Reunion Book : Part 1

Anderson Reunion Book : Part 2


Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, My Life So Far by Lloyd Anderson, donated 2015


Anglin Family Tree, Pioneer Publishing, 1987


Annis Genealogy / Verle L. Annis


Stewart Bailey Family / Walter Clark Bailey , Barnhart-Van Trump Co., 1927


Baker Family Tree : 1798 – 2000 / Klinedale Baker


Baker Family Tree :  1798 – 2000 Addendum / Klinedale Baker, 2007


Balliet, Balliett, Balliette, Bolyard and Allied Families / Stephen Clay Balliet, Baton Rouge, Thos. J. Moran’s Sons, Inc., c 1968


Barden, Poff & Hooton Families / compiled by Bonnie McGill Peifer and Oliver B. Peifer


Barfknecht Family : 1795 – 1986 / Evelyn and Elmer Peters, 1986


Ora Ephraim Barney and Myrtle May Replogle  : the Ancestors, Family & Descendants  / Wayne W. Hostetler, 2007


Barnhill Family / compiled by Opal E. Baker and Sally Jane Moore, 2 vol., c1988, 1989


Baske Family : 1836 – 1989 / Evelyn and Elmer Peters, 1989


Batdorf Family / compiled by Maxine Blankenhorn Bennett, published by Clifford H. Bennett, c1984


Bates, William : Murder on Bourbon St. / edited by Louis Flora, 1999


James Beaty and Ann Bennett of Bally Canew, County Westford, Ireland : and More Than Two Centuries of Their Descendants / John D. Beatty, 2 vol., Fort Wayne, IN, c2010


Beltz Genealogy / compiled by Don and Norma Watkins Bauer, 1998

Bennet Family / Mintie Allen Royse, Indianapolis, Indiana Historical Society, 1958


Genealogy of the Binney Family in the United States / collected by Charles J. F. Binney, Albany, N.Y., Joel Munsell’s Sons, 1886


Joseph & Mary (Rea) Bolen Family / Gary R. Bolen [n.d.]


Family Record of Moses Borkholder and His Descendants / compiled by Owen E. Borkholder, Evangel Press, 1979


Bowell Family History / Lillian Flatten Bowell, 1996


Families of Felix Carl Breunlin and Vera  Agnes Kline Breunlin / compiled by Mary Jo Henry, 1998


Family Histories for James Brown : wife Susan Amick ; wife Christena Clark 1828 of Marshall Co. Ind and Descendants including Amick, Olsenberg, Shively, Dillingham, Yoder, Gottschalk, Filson,  Lemler, Wisebrooke, Carr / Barbara Andersen, 1993


Brown Family / compiled by John Brown, Plymouth, Ind.


Brownlee and Smith and related families : Copple, Eichholtz, Hiltibidal, Imbrie and Yocum / compiled by Carole (Smith) Tovar, Classic Day Publishing, c2013


Burch Family / compiled by Betty Ann Burch, 1990


Burket Family History / Elizabeth Christine Burket Poole, 1994


Byrams in America / John Arnold Byram, 2nd ed. , Gateway Press, 1996


Carl Family History : Descendants of Samuel and Catharine Carl / Donald R. Schneider, 1984


Genealogical Notes of the Carpenter Family ; including the Autobiography, and Personal Reminiscences of Dr. Seymour D. Carpenter : edited by Edwin Sawyer Walker, Springfield, Ill., Illinois State Journal Co., 1907


Descendants of Bartholomew “Barclay” “Bartly” Clark Jr., 2013/ complied by Nickie Kile


Heritage of an Indiana Judge / R. Alexis Clarke, 1985 – 1988


Arnott Morrill Cleveland : 1875 – 1925


Ordinary People, Extraordinary Deeds : the Families of Arthur Raymond Comer, Lorraine Helen Kesler, Corwin Arthur Ost, and Allie Aletha Flinn / Frederick Ray Comer; Sally Lou Ost Comer, Bountiful, Utah, Family History Publishers, 2002


Conger Family of America : Vol. II / compiled by Helen Maxine Crowell Leonard, 1992


Until We Meet Again(recollections of Helen Coplen / Helen M. Coplen, 1985


Family of John Cormican / compiled by Ruth Ellen (Smith) Finch,  1990-1992


Family of John Cormican : John & Elizabeth (Gerrard) Cormican; John and Martha Shirley; W. K. and Martha Emeigh; David & Sarah Cormican; Nathaniel & Ann Cormican; John W. and Elizabeth Cormican; Samuel, Susan, Mary , Isabelle, & Elizabeth Cormican / Sandra Cormican, vol. 1989


Family of John Cormican : Wm. & Susannah Wallace, “Than” & Emmerette Cormican, Asbury & Samantha  Cormican, James & Mary E. Feiser, Isaac & Mary E. Maxson  / vol. 2, 2000


Family of John Cormican : vol. 1 & 2 (vol. 3)


Corse Family / Betty Lee Berry Craig, Austin, Texas, 1978


Salt of the Earth People : Some Northern Indiana – Southern Michigan Families Including Some Facts on Brumbaugh, Brown, Jacobs, Reese, Flowers, Hasse, Priebe, Crawford, Claypool, Hill, Webster, Thomas Families / B. Eldora Priebe Crawford, South Bend, 1979


Descendants of Moses and Isabell (Clark) Crawford of Bucks County, Pennsylvania / Allen W. Scholl, 2 vol., Heritage Books, Inc., 1993


Six Generations of the Cripe Family in America / Jeffrey L. Keim, revised 2013


Cruzan Story : Over 200 Years in America / Mary Anne Cruzan, c1988


Paul Edwin Custer (1908 – 1994) of St. Joseph County, Indiana; His Ancestors and Descendants : Also Marshall Co., Indiana and Mercer Co., Ohio / Compiled by Mary Ann Custer McFarland and Donald R. McFarland, 2001


Sequel to the DeMoss Family in America / Mrs. G. L. Caughron


Genealogy of the Denny Family in England and America : Descendants of John Denny of Combs, Suffolk, England, in 1439 / Compiled and published by C. C. Denny, 1886


Denny Genealogy / Margaret Collins Denny Dixon and Elizabeth Chapman Denny Hann / New York, National Historical Society, c1944


Dickson Genealogy : Inks Genealogy.  Includes My Story / Mary Ellen Evans Inks


Dinius Family / E. Lowell Dinius, 1996


Diperts in America  / Jerry J. Dipert and Merlin H. Dipert / 1982


Walking Through History With My Ancestors : Disher – Kuhn / Bernie Lee (Yoder) Smith-DeBoe, 2010


Descendants of Michael and Mary (Mason) Downey/ 2001 – 2003


Downey Document Files : Colbert, Ryan, Hill & Others/ 2008


Downey Documents : Cox and Coffman/ 2008


Dulany-Furlong and Kindred Families / Roland Dulany Furlong, McClain Printing Co., c1975


Dunahee : Descendants of Mary Kirkley & Cyrus Jefferson Dunahee/ 1992


House of Dunlap / James Arthur MacClellan Hanna, Ann Arbor, Edwards Brothers, Inc., c1956


Ancestors and Descendants of Jerry Eby :  Primary Families of Eby, Ames, Carl, Gantz / compiled by Jerry Eby, 1997


Eby Report / by Clyde L. Groff and George F. Newman, vol. 1, no. 2, American Bi-
Centennial Issue, 1976


Eby Report / Clyde L. Groff and George F. Newman, edited by Ann L. Newman, vol. 2, no. 1, The First Four Generations in America, 1978


Ancestors and Descendants of Wilhelmina Christina Eisenhart  / compiled by Miriam Peterson Callaway, 1995, 2001


Descendants of William Elder and his wife, Elizabeth Whiteman : Marshall County Pioneers/ Karin Hight Rettinger, Bourbon, IN, 2008


Ellis Family / Mrs. Katharine S. Foos, Dayton, Ohio, Press of U. B. Publishing House, 1900; Salem, Mass.

Higginson Genealogical Books


Revised Genealogical Records of the Descendants of John Emery of Newbury, Massachusetts / compiled by Judith Elaine Burns, Baltimore, Gateway Press, Inc., 1982


Life and Times of the Emmons Family / Don Alan Emmons


Jacob Falconbury : 1757 – 1844 / Lyman Foster Reynolds, 1993


Fawley Genealogy and History / compiled by Howard E. & Vi Fawley and Paul D. & Shirley Fawley


Family of Jacob Fawley (1802 – 1880) of the Brocks Gap Area, Rockingham County, Virginia / Patricia Turner Ritchie, 1989


Descendants of John Felix in America / Keith Gordon Felix, 1988


Jacob Fields Family : with Related Feltons in Pennsylvania and Mikels in Indiana (Three Family Histories) / Willis L. Schalliol, Belle Publications, c1997


Collected Records of Filsons, Philsons of Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia / by Marjorie B. Coffin, Santa Barbara, Ca., 1982


Finfrock-Rhoades Story : Howard Frank and Dorothy (Rhoades) Finfrock : Their Ascendants and Descendants / by Barbara J. Finfrock, Chelsea, MI, Bookcrafters, Inc., c1987


Florian Family / compiled by Constance Carroll Fitzgerald and Jill Katherine Rizzolo, 1998


Descendants of Johann Adam Forney : 1557 – 1963 / by Howard G. Forney


Descendants of James Isaiah Franklin / by Chaplain Dan Franklin, Salem, Mass., Higginson Book Co., 1992


Freese Family History / by Joyce (Mathews) Wagoner, 2005


Joseph French Family of Adams County, Indiana / by Judi Rice Assony and Jane Kay Gregg, 2001


Stories of the French/Norris/George Families  / by Susan F. Toman, 2002 


Family of Jacob Fries, Sr. : Marshall County Indiana Fries / Ruth Ellen (Smith) Finch, 1992

Jacob C. and Louisa (Huff) Fries, Sr., Jacob C. and Anna (Seiler) Fries, Jr., John and Catherine (Fries) Felden, Jacob and Elizabeth (Fries) Yockey, Philip and Elizabeth (Hodges) Fries, Samuel and Caroline (Fries) Leeper, John Fries, John and Margaret (Fries) Bixel, August and Margaret (Fries) (Bixel) Dettbrenner, William and Adaline (Amacher) Fries, Charles Edward and Emma Louisa (Fries) Schilt

Jacob C. Fries, Sr. Family / Ruth E. Finch, Compiler, 1992

Jacob C. and Louisa (Huff) Fries, Sr., Jacob C. and Anna (Seiler) Fries, Jr., John and Catherine (Fries) Felden, Jacob and Elizabeth (Fries) Yockey, Philip and Elizabeth (Hodges) Fries, Samuel and Caroline (Fries) Leeper, August and Margaret (Fries) Dettbrenner, William and Adaline (Amacher) Fries, Charles Edward and Emma Louisa (Fries) Schilt


Other Marshall County, Indiana Frieses / donated by Jo Anne Weller


Benjamin Fuller and some of his Descendants, 1765 – 1958 / by R. E. Banta, Crawfordsville, IN, 1958


Fullers of Clark County, Ohio and Related Families / by Barbara Vander Leest, 2002


Garn (Carn) Family in America / compiled by Don W. McBride and Ella Smith Capener, 1964


Garn Family : including Carn, Garnes, Garns and Gern / by Lynn Edwin Garn, Bedford, Pa., Bedford County Historical Society, 2011


Garard/Garrard/Gerard/Gerrard/Girard : Descendants of Rev. Joh, Elias, & William / Robert and Carolyn Gerard, Dunnellon, FL, 1999


Gibson Collection of Genealogy / Early history by Sarah Gibson, revised by Maggie Gorman Davis, edited by Ellen Thompson Baney and Mildred Snider Thompson, 1992


Descendants of Amos Gilbert / compiled by Constance Marie Dubois, 2009


Gossett Family of Virginia, North Carolina, and Indiana : Allied lines – Groover, Parker, Smith, Walton, Brattain, Norris, Jordan, Nichols, Poe, Brittain, Combs, Fox, Hendricks, Clark, Bennett, Barker, Greenfield, Knott, Day, Baxter / Kathleen Webster Bledsoe, 1997


Ancestors & Family of Theodore Edward Graverson and Bernece Lillie McMannis / collected, compiled, written and shared by Sheila Graverson Reed, 2008


Grossman Genealogy  / Ellen Priscilla Zehner Carpenter, edited and published by Ralph Kenneth Henricks, Taiwan, Taiwan Presbyterian Church Press, 1968


Gunckel Family / compiled by Maxine Blankenhorn Bennett, published by Clifford H. Bennett, c1984


Descendants of John & Mary Hahn / compiled by R. Douglas Kreis, Zanesville, Ohio, 2001


Hahn : a genealogy report of the descendants of John William and Ann Elizabeth Battenberg Hahn who emigrated from Darmstadt, Hesse, Germany to Muskingum County in Ohio / by Charlene M. Erman and R Douglas Kries, 2001


Hall Family : Middletown Upper House

Hall Family of Old Fairfield, Connecticut : vol. 1 / compiled and edited by Donald Lines Jacobus, Fairfield, Conn., Eunice Dennie Burr Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution, 1930

Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs  : Hall / Prepared under the editorial supervision of Cuyler Reynolds,  vol. !V, New York, Lewis Historical Publishing Co., 1911


Joseph Hancock of Revolutionary War Fame and his descendants / Researched, written and printed by Jerry Bowen, 1990


John Hann, et al : History of the Hann Family 1822 – 1999 / by Roberta K. (Carr) Wunder,  1999.  2 vol.


Descendants of John K. Harsh and Eliza Teeter / compiled by Edward and Mary Lou Bailey, Jr., typed by Debra Bailey and Dustin Bailey, printed 2000


Family Name of Hansel (Hentzel)/ 1959


Descendants of German Immigrant Johann Lorentz Hansel (Hentzel)  : including Hansell, Figg, Mason, Timmons, Terrell, Shoemaker Descendants / compiled by Zera Eleanor (Hansell) Howe and William Amel Sausaman, Springfield, IL, 1968


Hatfield Family History : Parentage & Descendants of John & Adelpha Hatfield / Roy , Ettamae & Robert Samplawski, Durand, WI, Main Street Graphics, 1985


William Hatton and Descendants of Michael Catt and Matilda (Hatton) Catt/ Verta (Allen) Lindsey, Farmersburg, IN, A. J. Jewett, 1960


Family of Zadock Hawkins / by Lynn E. Garn, Ronnie E. Hawkins, Sr. and G. Christian Larsen, c2006


Heckaman (Heckeman) Family (1729 – 1990) : including The JohannAdam Swank (1800 – 1990) Family.  Also families of Byrer, Burgener, Bowman, Chaddock, Deisch, Edler, Esleinger, Faeg (Feg), Fugate, Flickinger, Gall, George, Huff, Hepler, Kensinger, Mottice, Muckley, Phend, Rinehart, Shaffer, Senff, Strang, Swank, Strang, Travis, Wyman, Williamson, Yockey / F. J. Deisch, Anundsen Publishing Co., 1992.


Genealogy Peter Hendricks (1789 – 1866) : Pennsylvania to Ohio to Indiana and Peter’s Descendants / compiled by Barbara A. Wright, 3 vol., 2000


Genealogy Jacob H. Hendricks (1797 – 1882) : Pennsylvania to Ohio and Jacob’s Descendants / compiled by Barbara A. Wright, 1998


Genealogy William G. Hendricks (1792 – 1862) : Pennsylvania to Ohio and William’s Descendants / compiled by Barbara A. Wright, 1998


Hepler Family History : Book II, vol. II / compiled by Gary L. Dankworth, Sr.


Hepler Family History : Book II, Vol. III / compiled by Gary L. Dankworth, Sr.


Hepler Family History : comprising the surnames of Hepple, Hoeppler, Hebler, Heabler and the variant forms from A.D. 1600 to A.D. 1985 / compiled by Avice Hepler Morgan, Baltimore, Gateway Press, 1986


History of Balser Hess 1747 – 1806 and Descendants / compiled by Fank E. Hess,  Nappanee, E.V. Publishing House, 1950


Elias Hess and wife Lucinda Wright Hess : Early residents of Elkhart County, Indiana and Marshall County, Indiana / Katherine McClure Roehl, 1974


Jack Heston from 1067 : A Family History  / by Lydia Clarke Heston ; costume sketches by Charlton Heston, Baltimore, Gateway Press, c1996.  Contains information on Norris and French Families of Marshall County.


William Hickman of Accomack : and allied families of Barringer, Cozine, Reger, Rogers, Talbot, Utley, Van Arsdale, Ward and Westerfield / compiled by Margaret Schooler Hickman, Baltimore, Gateway Press, 1983


Descendants of Jacob Hiltibrand/Hildebrand / prepared by Nickie Wayne Kile, Bloomington, IN 2013


German Origins of Jost Hite : Virginia Pioneer 1685 – 1761 / by Henry Z. Jones, Jr., Ralph Connor and Klaus Wust, Edinburg, Virginia, Shenandoah  History, c1979


In Search of Michael Hite / compiled by Al Hite, 1990


Hite Family Genealogy / compiled by Dorothea W. Feigley, edited and published by John L. Hite.  Sec. revision c1990


Descendants of Jacob Hochstetler : the immigrant of 1736 / by Rev. Harvey Hostetler ; historical introduction by William F. Hochstetler, c1977 by Eli J. Hochstetler


Family of Joshua Hodges / Ruth Ellen Smith Finch 2 vol., 1991


Hoffer Brothers Andrew and John and Descendants 1782 – 1989 / by Gerald L. and Helen Hamman Hoffer, Nappanee, 1989


Ancestors of the Hoham Sisters of Plymouth, Indiana : Martha Estella Hoham Goss, Louise Esther Hoham Marks, Florence Elizabeth Hoham  / compiled by Elizabeth M. Allen Marks, 1999


Holsinger Family History / Paul G. Holsinger, Ann Arbor, MI, Edwards Brothers, Inc., 1959


Houtz Family / compiled by Maxine Blankenhorn Bennett, published by Clifford H. Bennett, c1984


Family of John Phillip Huff and the Family of Francis Huff / compiled by Ernest O. Annis, Nappanee, IN, Evangel Press, 1963


Immel and Imel Families in America : Twigs and Branches of the Immel Family Tree / by Velma Byrum Keller, Allentown, PA, Schlechter’s, c1974


Descendants of Bartholomew Jacoby / by Helen E. (Jacoby) Evard, Greenfield, IN, Mitchell-Fleming Printing, Inc., 1955


“Janitor” : Memories of John R. Jacoby


Ezekiel Jones and Descendants / compiled by Rosemary Jones Listenberger and Robert Jones, 2000.

Genealogy of Samuel Dennis Taber / compiled by Rosemary Jones Listenberger and Robert Jones, 2000

2 vol. in 1


Kaser Family Genealogy : a History of dates and other interesting facts / researched by Deborah D. Morgan, Elmer Eugene Sholly, Ruby Weiss Gonter and Donald Merrill Kaser ; compiled by Deborah D. Morgan, Goshen IN, c1994


Hamilton and Susannah Nieswanger Kerr/Karr : Their Ancestry and Descendants 1711 – 1990 / by Edythe T. Kahn, Mansfield , Ohio, Bookmaster [1992]


Our Family Story 1984 : Keller, Prendergast, Becker,  Schneider, Hartman, Skeffington, Holcomb / compiled by Thomas Joseph Keller


Our Family Story, Vol. II, 1993 : Keller, Snyder, Becker, Schneider, Darche, Mallory, Hilton / compiled by Tom & Toni Snyder Keller


History of the George and Helena Kimmet Family / by Stephen G. Kimmet, Printed by Dell’s Precision Printing, Tiffin, Ohio, c1989


People of Faith : a History of the Klopfenstein Family / Thomas David Klopfenstein, 2009


Christian Frederick Kuhn Family History / by Maxine Barker Kuhn,  edited by Gerald Darwin Kuhn, c2008


Kuntz Family : a Descendant Report of Ernest Elmer Kuntz and His Wife Mary “Mariah” Hahn Kunz of Muskingum county, Ohio and Marshall County, Indiana / by R. Douglas Kreis, Zanesville, Ohio, 2001


Genealogical History and Memoir of the Lally, O’Donoghue, McCarthy and Hanvey Families 1789 – 1964 / Bonnie Jean Hanvey Hazelton in collaboration with her brother Robert George Hanvey, 2004


Thomas Lamonts in America / by Corliss Lamont, Edward Miner Lamont, Thomas Stilwell Lamont, Reverend Thomas Lamont, Thomas William Lamont, Thomas William Lamont II, Margart Lamont Heap, Francis T. Plimpton, Nathan M. Pusey with recollections and poems by John Masefield ; edited by Corliss Lamont, South Brunswick & New York, A. S. Barnes and Company, c1962, 1971


Jacob Laudeman Reunion, 1995


Jacob Laudeman Family History / from the files of Berniece Huff  and material donated by Carl Heike, 1989


Conrad Lawrence and Descendants / compiled by Rosemary Jones Listenberger and Robert Jones, 2000

Henry Freyman Family / compiled by Sarah Langdon and Robert Jones, 2000.  Daniel Langdon and Descendants / compiled by Sarah Langdon and Robert Jones, 2000.  3 vol. in 1


Layne – Lain – Lane Genealogy : being a compilation of names and historical information of male descendants of sixteen branches of the Layne-Lain-Lane family in the United States, gathered from legal records and other available sources / compiled and published by Floyd Benjamin Layne., 1962


Leland Magazine, or a Genealogical Record of Henry Leland, and his Descendants, containing an account of nine thousand six hundred and twenty-four persons in Ten Generations and embracing nearly every person of the name of Leland in American, from 1653 to 1850 / by Sherman Leland, Boston, printed by Wier & White, 1850


Ancestors & Descendants of John Joseph Loftis and Laura May Wolfe : Lineages included; Loftus/Loftis, Conley/Connelly, Wolf/Wolfe,  Wetzel, Kauffman/Coffman, Hauatz/Houtz, Rheyer; Royer, Carpenter, Bush, Jackson, Brake / compiled by Sandi Loftis Komosinski, 1963, rev. 1993.


Brief History and Family Records of the Descendants of Philip Manges, Sr. and His Wife, Malinda : 1800 – 1970 / by John Geyer


Genealogy of the Descendants of Carlotus/Charles Menges and his wife Elizabeth Immenhauser / compiled by Faye Steele Mangus [1980]


Ancestors of Marilyn Jo Mangus, 2013


 Marks Family 1808 - 1986 : Descendants of Samuel D. and Charity E. Marks / compiled by Elmer and Evelyn Marks Peters, 1986


Descendants of George L. & Elizabeth Marsh


Martin Reunion  : 1923 – 1977 /copied from original Martin Reunion records / Phyllis (Seymour) Graham


Reflections and Records of the Martin, Tanner, Johnsonbaugh, and Southworth Families including the Herrick, Hoffman, Hoback, Griffin, Buckley, Rose, Isbell, Steele, Strong, Newall, Judd and Fenn Lines, compiled by Harold Melville Martin, 1980


Genealogy of the Martin and Kipfer Families : Wet feet in the Yellow River / Dewey M. Martin, Bremen, IN 1997


Matheny /Metheny Genealogy / compiled by Mary Ellen Metheny.  Presented to the Marshall Co. Historical Museum Library by Brenda Roahrig, 1999


Descendants of Archibald McAllister of West Pennsboro Township, Cumberland County, Pa., 1730 – 1898 / by Mary Catharine McAllister, Harrisburg, PA, 1898


Pioneer McClure Families of the Monongahela Valley : Their Origins and Their Descendants / by Cicero Pangburn McClure and Roy Fleming McClure, Akron, Ohio, Superior Printing Co., 1924


Genealogical Record of the McDonalds, Logans, Dicksons, Brownlees / compiled and arranged by Daniel McDonald, Plymouth, IN 1892


Book of the Generations of William McFarland and Nancy Kilgore, 1740 – 1912 / Historian, Joseph McFarland, editor and publisher, Edward Norton Cantwell,  Elgin, IL, Press of Elgin Courier, 1912


Faces Westward : Historical and Genealogical Register, Some 300 Families and collateral Lines.  East to West Migrations from Atlantic Coast of the American Colonies 1633 – 1850 / compiled and edited by Jennie Starks McKee, Ann Arbor, MI, printed by Edwards Brothers, 1956


 Descendants of John and Jean McKesson / H. D. McKesson, Miami, Fla., c1956


Profiles of the Joseph Medworth and Mary Pratt Family : Descendants in the United States 1840 – 1984 / by Ilyff Schalliol and Frances Edwards, West Lafayette, IN, Belle Publication, c1985


Descendants of Daniel Gottlieb Miller & His Sons Henry Miller and Daniel Miller / compiled by Larry Lemler, Bourbon, IN


Mohrweiser 1713, Morwiser 1860, Mowiser 1900, Family / Stanley R. Mowiser, Osceola, IN 1998?


Mullen – Miles, est. 6 July 1877 : Our family today and yesterday / Linda Lou (Mullen) Jones , 1993


Descendants of Ulrich Newcomer / Neukomet  / prepared by Nickie Wayne Kile, Bloomington, IN, 2013


Family of Gilson R. Norris / Carol Norris Vincent, 1988 – 2008


All Known Descendants of John S. & Lydia George Norris, who settled in Marshall County, Indiana, in 1838 / Carol Norris Vincent, 1999


Norris Reunion Minutes 1916 to 1941 : Descendants of John S. & Lydia George Norris who settled in Marshall County, Indiana 1838


Norris Reunion Record Book No. 2 : 1941 – 1995


Our Norris Ancestors in Indiana : 80th Anniversary Reunion of the Descendants of John S. Norris / Carol Norris Vincent, 1996


Overmyer History and Genealogy : From 1680 to 1905 / Collated by Barnhart B. and John C. Overmyer, Chas. S. Beelman, printer, Fremont, Ohio, 1905.  Reprinted 1972 Light and Life Press, Winona Lake, IN


One Immigrant’s Legacy : the Overmyer Family in America 1751 – 2009.  A Biographical Record of Revolutionary War Veteran Capt. John George Overmire and His Descendants / by Laurence Overmire, Indelible Mark Pub., West Linn, OR, c2009


Overstreet Family of Virginia, Kentucky and Indiana : allied lines Keeney, Leach, Elder, Campbell, Montgomery / Kathleen Webster Bledsoe, 1997


You Asked For it!  Astley, Bower, Horner, Otstott, Paddock, Vinall  / Sarah May Paddock Otstott


Parrish Family including the Allied Families of Belt, Boyd, Caole and Malone, Clokey, Garrett, Merryman, Parsons, Price, Tipton : with special reference to Mercellia Louis Boyd / compiled and published by Scott Lee Boyd, Santa Barbara, Calif., 1935.  Reprinted by Spencer-Walker Press, Newark, Ohio, 1988.


Peters Family : 1803 – 1986 / by Evelyn and Elmer Peters, 1986


Pioneer Journey of the Pifer Family, 1784 – 2001 / compiled and edited by the Rober W. Pifer family, 1999.


Pippenger and Allied Families in America 1665 – 1979 / by Wesley E. Pippenger in coordination with Mildred I. Warren, Littleton, Colorado, 1979.  Includes The Pittenger family in America by F. Hiner Dale, 1995.


Robert Pippenger Album : [art work and information on the life of Robert Pippenger]


Genealogy of the Descendants of Reverend Issac D. Plummer and Juliann Hillery Plummer / compiled by Nina (Johnston) Plummer, Etna Green, IN, 1976


Early Families of Southern Maryland : vol. 2 / Elise Greenup Jourdan, Westminster, Maryland, Family Line Publications, 1993


Bridge Builder : semi-annual publication of the National Pontius Association / edited by Dr. Robert V. Pontius 1968 –


Family Name Price / by Ralph A. Price, House of Falmouth, Portland, Maine, c1973


Putnam, Wyandt, Snyder Family History of Washington Co., Ohio / compiled by Deloris Niendorf, 1985


Brief History of the Andrew Putman Christian Wyandt and Adam  Snyder Families of Washington County Maryland / by E. Clayton Wyand Hagerston Bookbinding and Printing Co., c1909


Lad I Used to Be  / by Charles Edward Rank, c2004


Rebman/Redman Family History : a genealogy of the Rebman/Redman Family Between 1741 and Present / by Diana Jones Carmack; edited by Patricia Redman Gillies and Richard Redman, Kirkland, WA, RO-DE Publishing, c2005


Reese Family 1835 – 1986 : Descendants of Joseph and Mary Young Reese / compiled byElmer Peters and Evelyn Marks Peters [1986]


Ransbottom Notebook / donated by Wm. R. Feece, 1985


Rensberger, Cudney & Haag Families, 1994


Descendants of John Rettinger and his wife Salome Neadgh Rettinger King / compiled by Karin Hight Rettinger, 2005


Genealogy of Peter Richard and the Genealogy of Peter Artzner / compiled and edited by Marilyn Schoner Berfield, Luckey Ohio, 1991


Daniel & Eliza Ringle : Legal Papers and Documents / researched and copied by Louis Edward Flora, 2008

Frederick Roahrig Descendants and Connecting Families / compiled by Brenda Roahrig, Bourbon, IN 1999


Notes, records and photographs recording information about the families named – collected between 1915 and 1995 : Hess, Hensell, Wright Immell, Cryder Carpenter Forney  / Book 3, Recorded here through these years by Katherine McClure Roehl, 1995


Notes, records, and photographs recording information about the families named – collected between 1915 and 1995 : Beckner, Lease, Ullery, Miller, Lear / Book 2, Recorded here, through these years, by Katherine McClure Roehl, 1995


Notes, records and photographs recording information about the families named – collected between 1914 and 1995 :  McClure, Geib, Hoch, Ross, McAllister, Denny, McDowell, Harnley, Sneider, Hersche / Book 1, Recorded through these years by Katherine McClure Roehl, 1995


Rohrbach Genealogy : Descendants of nine Rohrbach immigrants to Colonial America 1709-1754 and more than One hundred Rohrbach immigrants to America 1825 – 1900 / by Lewis Bunker Rohrbaugh, vol. 1, Dando-Schaff Printing & Publishing Co., Philadelphia, Pa, c1970


Rohrbach Genealogy : the Rohrback and Rorabaughfamilies of America who are descendants of Hans Georg Rohrbach who emigrated from Germany to America in 1732 / by Lewis Bunker Rohrbaugh, vol. 2, Maine Coast Printer, Rockland, Maine, c1977.


Rohrbach Genealogy : the Rorabaugh, Rohrbough, Rohrbaugh, Rohrabough, Rohrabaugh, Rorabough and Rhorabough families of America who are descendants of Johann Reinhart Rohrbach who emigrated from Germany to America in 1749 / by Lewis Bunker Rohrbach, vol. 3, Courier-Gazette, Inc., Rockland, Maine, c1982.


Henry Royer and Sebastian Royer Families with allied Families / compiled by Helen Miller Robertson, c1987.


Family History and Descendants of Jacob Schlosser (1829 – 1906) and His Wife Eva Margaret Karrer

(1829 – 1892) / Emma Jo Schlosser Sabin, Compiler, Rocky River, Ohio, 1971


Family Record of Daniel J. Schmucker and His Descendants / compiled by Owen E. Borkholder, family No. 521, printed by Evangel Press,  Nappanee, Ind., c1987


Descendants of Elder John Henry Sellers and His Wife Elmira Miller / compiled by Karin Hight Rettinger, 2005


Descendants of Friedrich Shoff/Schof  Sr. , 2013


Ancestors of Glenn Angus Sherer (1889-1977) and His Wife Dessie Ethel Shadley (1889-1956) of Marshall County, Indiana / by Dennis Wayne Nicks, 2nd ed.,  c2005


Shirk Family History and Genealogy from 1665 to 1914 / by Henry Yocom Shirk, Elkhart, Indiana, Mennonite Publishing Co., 1914


Squire Simmons Family 1746-1986 / by Dorothy Geneva Simmons Skelton, Lotos Lakes, Brightwood, Virginia, c1986


Smeltzer History and Geneology [sic] / compiled by Jesse A. Smeltzer and Ralph E. Smeltzer, 1968J

John & Maria (Gasho) Smeltzer : Her Ancestors Their Descendants / by Grace Hildebrand, Kokomo, IN, Selby Publishing, 1987, reprinted 1999


Biographies of Richard Louis Smiley and Marilyn Rose Moriarty Smiley / by Patsy Kay Smiley Lucas, 1997


Smith Papers : A Genealogical Research Aid and Clearing house for those with Smith Family Connections.

 Sacramento, CA, Sims Publishing Co., v.  3, 1981 – v.22 1987


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Finding Family History in Secondary Sources

Clues to family history can be found in less well-known records.  These are some sources that were covered in a recent Genealogy meeting.

Court cases

                Providing for Illegitimate Children.  There is a good article on this topic in Indiana Genealogist 2013

                Circuit court files




Church Records



                Separations from the church





               Attendance Records

               Giving Pledges

Voter records

                Elections-who voted/who was eligible to vote and where

                Purged Voter records can include birth place and date   

Enumerations other than censuses

                Civil War draft enrollment 1862 and 1863

                Veteran’s enrollment 1886, 1890, 1894

                Enumerations of males give ages and locations of all men over 21 in the township.

How to Humidify and Flatten Folded Documents

by Lynita Wallace Pollock, Marshall County Historical Society and Alan Rowe, coordinator, Local History Partners, Indiana Historical Society

Local history organizations often face the challenge of storing and preserving documents that are curled, folded, or rolled. For documents that are in good condition, flattening will allow the documents to be used for research and access without the extra handling required to unroll or unfold each document. If the documents are brittle and crumbling, make sure to consult a professional paper conservator before going forward with a humidification and flattening project. Do not attempt to humidify vellum, parchment or paper with watercolors, chalk, charcoal or pastels – remember, when in doubt, contact a conservator… read more


Preparing for a Visit to the Fort Wayne Library

Marshall County Genealogical Society

Nothing beats the fun of actually doing research yourself in a real place where your ancestors actually walked. The Internet has a lot of helpful items, but these should be used mostly as clues to the real thing. The Internet has other people’s research, which may or may not be accurate.

Doing your own research will help you find the answers you’re seeking.

The Allen County Library houses the second largest genealogical collection in our country, and it is an easy drive from Marshall County. It has so much that it is very easy to get overwhelmed. You will get more accomplished if you take some time to prepare before you get there.

Here are a few suggestions for getting the most out of your visit:

1.     Review your files. What is it you want to find?

2.     Familiarize yourself with your family so that names, places and dates are fresh in your mind.

3.     Make a list and set your research priorities. You’ll only have a few hours!

4.     Check out the website ahead of time. The Fort Wayne library has its catalog on its site, so you can check their collections ahead of time.

5.     Parking.  There is a parking lot in front of the Fort Wayne library, as well as underground parking. Parking for non-card holders is $7.00 per car.

6.     The Fort Wayne library is now organized with open stacks so you can get your own books. They have a map of the location of the books. There are sections by state, by name, and also a special area for microfilm.

7.     You might want to make copies. To make copies, you get a card from the librarian’s desk and put $1 or $5 on it from a machine. When you make the copies, you put the card under the light which lets you use the copy machine and also tells you how much money is left on the card. 

8.     Lunch: there is a Dunkin’ Donuts on the first floor of the library for breakfast items and a few lunch items.        

9.     Don’t do at the library what you can do at home. Concentrate on doing what you can only do at the library, looking at what you can only see while you are there.

I hope these hints will help you maximize your day in the field.