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1881 History Combined with 1908, 1922 Atlases, Marshall County, Indiana, Illustrated
By Daniel McDonald. A 292 page reproduction of the history of Marshall County from 1836-1880, along with the 1908 and 1922 atlases, now with added index. Windmill Publications, Inc. 2001.

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Marshall County Interim Report-Indiana Historic Sites and Structures Inventory
A 120 page booklet published by the Historic Landmarks Foundation of Indiana. 1990.

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Marshall County A Brief History
By Amy Lant Wenger. Soft bound. 2010.

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Historic Tours
A walking tour guide, this 32 page booklet includes various photos and history of Plymouth’s residential North & South Michigan Street and downtown commercial district.

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Headlight Sights and Scenes Along the Pennsylvania Railway
A reproduction of Vol. IV, No. 3 Headlight. This reproduction issue (ca 1898) focuses on the men, women and organizations of Plymouth, Indiana at the turn of the century. It includes photographs and biographies.

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Railroad Depots of Northern Indiana
By David E. Longest. A 128 page pictorial history of trains, depots and other related structures. Soft bound.

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Plymouth Postcard Scrapbook
The Plymouth High School Class of 1961 designed this notebook with 100 replicated postcards from the Tom Scheetz collection. The Plymouth sites are enlarged to fit one postcard per page for better viewing. Printed on high quality archival paper and displayed in sheet protectors.

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P.H.S. 1876-1976 Centennial Edition
A 180 page publication with history of Plymouth Public Schools including graduate rosters of Washington, Lincoln and Plymouth High Schools.

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Tyner Years
Notebook with 60 pictures of Tyner people and structures including the school, churches, and the old I.O.O.F. Lodge. One picture per page, printed on high quality archival paper and inserted in sheet protectors.

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The Queen of the Huckleberry Marsh
By A. DeKay (Adelbert Knott). This 64 page reprinted book of the Life and Confessions of the Queen recounts her life including her years in Polk Township. This is a must-have book for anyone interested in the history and people of Polk Township.

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Bourbon High School 1884-1963
A 112 page 100th Alumni Celebration pictorial review of most of the graduating classes.

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Bourbon, Indiana 1853-2003: A Historical Past, Fascinating Present and a Bright Future
Sesquicentennial Celebration of 2003 includes history of the town, businesses and people.

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Bicentennial Celebration Bourbon, Indiana
An updated history of Bourbon published for the United States Bicentennial-1976. A 60 page written history including black and white photos and sponsor advertisements.


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Slice of History: Marshall County & West Township and its Schools
By Lloyd Anderson, a lifelong West Township resident.

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Bremen and North Central Indiana
A 124 page collection of images of the Bremen area, families, businesses and churches by Tammy (Kuhn) Venable.

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19th Century Cook Book On the River
Created for the Yellow River Festival, this 12 page cookbook features recipes centered on 19th century living.

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On the Yellowstone Trail
This 96 page reproduction contains a collection of promotional hype by towns on the trail as well as ads for products and services available.

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Introducing The Yellowstone Trail: A Good Road From Plymouth Rock to Puget Sound 1912-1930
By Alice & John Ridge. A 92 page publication of photos, maps and history.

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On the Road to Yellowstone
By Harold A. Meeks. A 194 page soft bound book with text and black and white photos. 2000.

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1919 Yellowstone Trail Route Brochure
This brochure reproduction includes 31 pages of road condition maps as well as touring information.

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The Dixie Highway in Indiana
By Russell S. Rein and Jan Shupert-Arick. Includes 126 pages of photos and images. 2011.

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Postcards of America - The Lincoln Highway Across Indiana
By Jan Shupert-Arick. Includes 15 vintage photographs exploring the Lincoln Highway's past in Indiana.

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The Lincoln Highway Across Indiana
By Jan Shupert-Arick for the Indiana Lincoln Highway Association. 2009. 126 pages.

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Lincoln Highway Companion
By Brian Butko. This soft bound book includes 187 pages with colorful photographs of sites found along America’s first coast to coast road. 2009.

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Greetings From the Lincoln Highway
By Brian Butko. This hard bound book includes 278 pages of text and colorful photographs of the history of America’s first coast to coast road. 2005.

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The Lincoln Highway Story
The Lincoln Highway was the first coast to coast highway in the United States. This DVD tells the history of how this famous highway originated through film clips, historic photographs and narration.

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Land of the Indians
By Karl A. Keiper. A soft bound 123 page historical story written about Native Americans living in Indiana from 1600 to 1850.

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Pretty Lake History
By Betty Wenino. A Spiral bound book of photos and the history of the lake.

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The Family of Zadock Hawkins
Compiled by Lynn E. Garn, Ronnie E. Hawkins Sr. and G. Christian Larsen. 2005. Hard-cover. 700 pages.

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Zimbabwe Bound: A Woman’s Journey Through Africa
By Larita Killian. The life story of Anna Rouch MacKenzie, the daughter of an orphan train girl, based on letters home to Della and Ray Fribley. 164 pages.

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