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Tri Kappa History Walks at Oakhill Cemetery - 2007

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Tri Kappa History Walks at Oakhill Cemetery - 2010

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Tri Kappa History Walks at Oakhill Cemetery - 2012

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Tri Kappa History Walks at Oakhill Cemetery - 2014

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Rededication Ceremony of the Chief Menominee statue. 2009. Filmed and edited by Glenn Starr.

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Recording the American Perspective. 2014. Three DVD set of interviews of WWII veterans filmed and edited by students of the Weidner School of Inquiry in collaboration with the Marshall County Museum.

Note & Playing Cards
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Playing Cards
$8.00 per deck

Note Cards
$4.50 for 10 of the same card
$9.00 for an assortment of 20 cards

Artwork by Jim Schoonover.

1. Bourbon Town Pump (note cards only)
2. Bremen B&O Depot
3. Chief Menominee Monument
4. Marshall County Courthouse
5. The Plymouth Barrel Restaurant
6. The Coffee Pot Restaurant and Gas Station near Bremen
7. Lake Maxinkuckee Lighthouse
8. Lincoln Highway Marker
9. Zehner Mill (note cards only)

10. Argos High School
11. Bourbon High School
12. Bremen School
13. Culver High School
14. LaPaz High School (note cards only)
15. Lincoln High School
16. Tippecanoe Township School (note cards)
17. Washington School
18. Webster School
19. West Township High School
All prices are postage paid.
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123 N. Michigan St.
Plymouth, IN 46563.

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