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Military Room

A “living history” exhibit, Recording the American Perspective: Interviews with World War II Veterans From the Front Lines to the Home Front is a collaborative effort that documents and records the personal war stories of local WWII veterans by local technology students from the Weidner School of Inquiry. A permanent exhibit at the museum, the videos can be viewed in the Military Room with other artifacts and memorabilia honoring hometown heroes from all branches of the service and from other wars. You can hear a sampling of these interviews by clicking on the video clip found on this page.

One of our hometown heroes was
Dr. Otis Bowen, former Bremen (Marshall County) physician, and 2-term governor of Indiana and Secretary of Health and Human Services during the Reagan Administration. This exhibit showcases some of his personal medical military artifacts. Other artifacts in the military exhibit include the evolution of weapons used from the Civil War through Operation Desert Storm, as well as starched military uniforms worn by various branches of our armed forces, decorated with the medals they earned. Civil War diaries speak of the hardships of war and the inhumane conditions, as Indiana had one of the highest enlistment rates per capita in the Union Army. No one will leave this exhibit without a feeling of patriotism, national pride, and respect for the people of Marshall County who protected our freedom.